Welcome to Fred's Farm!

Fred’s Farm is run by…well, Fred. He’s joined by his wife Madalene, six kids, and younger brother Lowell. They make quite the crew.

Fred’s Farm sits on the beautiful, rolling hills of Amish Country in Charm, Ohio. The area is the perfect place for a farm like Fred’s – Life moves a little slower. People live a little differently. And the food is just terrific!

Fred’s family has worked this farm for eight generations. Now, Fred’s goal is to create a sustainable farm that will be around for eight more generations.

Regenerative Agriculture

Fred’s Farm follows regenerative agriculture principles. Here’s what that means.

When planning how to use the farm’s land, Fred starts by asking a question – 

"How many animals can this piece of land nurture without the use of sprays, fertilizers, or growth supplements?"

After making that decision, Fred divides his field up into equal portions using movable fencing.

Fred then rotates his cows through the fields. The cows spend one day on each section before moving on to the next section. 

The herd of cows feeds on a section of pasture about once every 60 days. In between feedings, the section of pasture regrows. Since each section has time to regrow naturally, Fred’s Farm doesn’t need to use fertilizers.

Following regenerative agriculture principles, Fred’s Farm produces thriving pastures and healthy animals that live in a natural, symbiotic relationship with each other.

To find out more about regenerative agriculture, check out this article – “Why Regenerative Agriculture?”

Fred's Pledge


No pesticides. No insecticides. No fertilizers. Just God's green earth, rain, and sun.


No growth hormones. No antibiotics. Free and open grazing.


Our door is always open. Come see the farm in action.

Join us on the slower side of life.
Meat Raised Right.

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