Welcome to Fred's Farm!

Fred’s Farm is run by…well, Fred. He’s joined by his wife Madalene, six kids, and younger brother Lowell. They make quite the crew.

Fred’s Farm sits on the beautiful, rolling hills of Amish Country in Charm, Ohio. The area is the perfect place for a farm like Fred’s – Life moves a little slower. People live a little differently. And the food is just terrific!

Fred’s family has worked this farm for eight generations. Now, Fred’s goal is to create a sustainable farm that will be around for eight more generations.

Regenerative Agriculture

Fred’s Farm follows regenerative agriculture principles. 

When planning how to use the farm’s land, Fred starts by asking a question – 

"How can we leave our farm more productive for the next generation without using chemical fertilizer, pesticides and toxins (ex. No MRNA)?"

In order to do that, We follow the 6 principles that Gabe Brown teaches, especially in regards to farming for the future.

        These 6 principles require a change in the farming mindset and allow for a much better future for generations to come.

Here are the 6 principles

1 ) Always farm in Context to what is around us, especially in regards to the Ecological – Environment

2 ) Use the least Amount of Mechanical and Chemical Disturbance Possible

3 ) Provide a Home and a Habitat“There’s more microorganisms in a teaspoonful of healthy soil then there are people on this planet” -Gabe Brown

4 ) We Embrace Diversity in our farm fields.  Plant life thrives in diversity as nature intended it too.

5 ) Never pass up the Opportunity to Cycle Carbon & Optimize Solar Energy Collection on our Farm

6 ) Integrate Livestock- Everywhere we can we add livestock we do.  They help regenerate the soil.

Management of land and animals is the Farms pathway forward. By  following these six principles,

Fred can Regenerate soil in a way that it can sustain the Farm, which then in turn while provide health and nourishment to all that depend on it for life.  

By farming this way, Fred hopes to provide you with the same benefits that he and his family are enjoying daily on the farm!  

Thanks for getting to know your farmer!

Fred's Pledge


No pesticides. No insecticides. No fertilizers. Just God's green earth, rain, and sun.


No growth hormones. No antibiotics. Free and open grazing.


Our door is always open. Come see the farm in action.

Join us on the slower side of life.
Meat Raised Right.

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