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Fred's Farm is your source for farm-to-table organic meat in Ohio.







Truly Pasture-Raised

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Meat Raised Right.

What does “Meat Raised Right” mean? Read on to learn why our meat is a healthier and more responsible choice. 

Responsibly Grown

We create a symbiotic relationship between the land the animals that allows both to flourish naturally. Learn more in the About Us page.

Humanely Raised

We allow our animals to graze on our farm where they have plenty of Grass, fresh air and sunshine. We mimic what natures rhythm is by moving them daily to fresh pasture. Learn more in the About Us page.


Our herd is Vaccine free.  Health and immunity is built up by the quality of the land along with the healthy eco system that our plants grow in.  It always starts with the soil and how you treat the soil.  Learn more in the About Us page.

As Easy As 1-2-3

Fred's Farm makes it easy to enjoy farm-to-table organic meat in Ohio.

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There's nothing like meat raised right.

We take the pain out of buying farm-to-table organic meat in Ohio.

Stop worrying that your meat is bad for you and your family.

Stop not knowing where your meat comes from.

Stop buying meat that doesn't line up with your values.

Fred's Pledge


No pesticides. No insecticides. No fertilizers.
Just God's green earth, rain, and sun.


No growth hormones. No antibiotics. Free and open grazing.


Our door is always open. Come see the farm in action.

Virtual Tour

Join us for a virtual tour of Fred’s Farm to see how we grow Meat Raised Right.

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